Married at First Sleight

Alan Hudson and Kat Hudson have joined magical forces in a brand new comedy magic double act, Hudson & Hudson. Their first ever live show is called ‘Married at First Sleight’ and was debuted at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023.

Alan says “The first rule we had when writing the new show was to not include any material that we’ve previously performed, so it had to be all new tricks. Trying to find magic that is suitable for a comedy magic double act is challenging. Especially when you’ve never done it before. Also, we both had to be fully committed to each trick. The rule was, if one didn’t like it, it was out. Being in a double act does have it’s benefits with the way you can do the tricks so it’s exciting to find new methods that haven’t been possible before.”

Kat says “The rehearsal period has been interesting to say the least. I didn’t realise how easily distracted Alan can get. 10 minutes in, Alan’s mind will start to wander and start thinking about something else. I think it’s starting to make sense now why he never listens to me – nothing to do with me boring him at all!”

Alan says ”People have often asked to perform a comedy magic double act but the timing hasn’t been right up until now. Now we’ve started performing as Hudson & Hudson, obviously we wish we’d done it years ago, but we also know the timing wasn’t right until now. It’s like they say, the secret of good comedy is timing.”

So what can you expect from Hudson & Hudson? Great magic (obviously), a magical gameshow, they summon up a ghost live on stage, the best card trick in the world and lots of LOLs. Also probably some built up tension on stage, especially if Alan has been leaving his underpants on the floor recently.