Below are just some of the reviews for Hudson & Hudson

“In Married at First Sleight, married magicians Kat and Alan Hudson introduce their show with boundless enthusiasm, demonstrating the obvious chemistry you’d hope to witness from a magical duo who share their career as well as their lives. While Alan is a confident and likeable magician who could clearly hold a show together ably on his own, it’s Kat’s endless energy and vivid facial expressions which really steal the show.

While their fun bickering-but-loving couple dynamic threads the show together and provides plenty of laughs, the magic is also of high quality. They use some established effects, all with a fresh spin on it, as well as less traditional displays of magic which keep things fresh enough to appeal to magic fans who have seen it all before. Sometimes I couldn’t even spot the sleights I was avidly watching for. The magic never takes itself seriously and is played for maximum fun, with climaxes ranging from silly to mind-blowing. Even the silly effects are a delight to watch, and create as much enjoyment as the higher-impact feats you might find in bigger budget magic shows.

That said, the epic last ten minutes includes the first Edinburgh Fringe bullet catch I’ve ever seen (fear not, fainthearted, no life is at stake here), and an effective kicker that ties the show together wonderfully. Every trick goes off without a hitch, and both magicians get the chance to show off their magical and comedy chops.

This is a really solid magic show from start to finish, anchored by two strong performers. Alan’s magic and creativity are top notch as he plays the straight man, and Kat, whose infectious positive energy makes her an ideal comedy character, is a standout in the festival and should hopefully inspire more female magicians to show off what they can do at the Fringe. If you’re after a fun magical ride anchored by two immensely engaging and talented performers, this should be high on your watchlist.”